We only thought it was a dream but now see it has become a reality.
Trying to conquer humanity
Has led to the close down of churches trying to bring down our spirituality
Driving the world into insanity
Oh God, please come to our aid and put a stop to this calamity

The world used to be a better place to be, until Coronavirus showed up and now I believe many people now wish to live on a different planet because of you corona

You have given us nothing but tears in our eyes not tears of joy but tears of anguish

We used to socialize with others by shaking hands and hugging ourselves but now because of you, Coronavirus, we have all coiled ourselves like snakes and squeeze ourselves like tortoises in their shells

Schools are now closed down till further notice

Sanitizers are now scares in the market

You have now made the burgers, the Ghanaians who travelled abroad dumb, they can’t even brag again because of the fear of people suspecting them of Coronavirus for them to be quarantined

Hmm Oh God, please come to our rescue, we look up to you in the sky
You alone we rely
Please hear our humble cry
and wipe the tears in our eyes

China didn’t want to deal with you Mr. Corona because you were very contagious but now you have meandered your way to Ghana
Ghanaians we also know that you are not delicious so don’t think we are going to give you special honor
We are really going to give you tough time, sabotage you, torture you, tear your flesh apart until you are no more, Mr. corona
If you don’t know just ask your friend Mr. Ebola

So Mr. Corona don’t worry yourself at all because Ghanaians even our friends we wish them well during the daylight but plot against them in the midnight how much more you our enemy Mr. Corona.


This featured article was originally authored and submitted by Berima Man-Khay, the man whose God makes things okay. He is a guitarist, motivational and inspirational writer/speaker. Amidst all the fears and panics of this pandemic, this talented genius made a great exhibition of his talents through this piece.


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