This is a spoken word on Loom. Loom is a ponzi scheme that got into the trend lately and it has become the new scam that is ripping our youth off their hard earned money. This pos is originally authored by Justice Mankata A.K.A: Man-Khay as a warning and an advice to the youth. Below is the content of the post.


Loom loom loom
After a hot tea in the morning, I was in my room
Preparing to go for a visit so I was actually applying my perfume
When I heard a knock on my door boom boom boom
I went to check it was my friend Affum
So I said “yoo bro hope everything is cool
He said Man-Khay I came with a news, some online money bio oo charlie it’s really good
Have you heard of it? It’s called loom,
He didn’t wait for me to answer he proceeded to tell me what he knows
He said just invest and your money will become plenty like a broom
Ah see with that money you can even go for tour to visit places like the zoo
You just take this pen and calculate, here is a book
20cedis for 160cedis, 50cedis for 400cedis waa just assume

So I laughed hahaha bro I have heard of it but see it’s a scam
It’s just that those who know the side effects of loom are behaving like they are dumb
See, only few people will benefit, I mean not all but some
The rest will only help the so called ‘some’ to make a huge sum of money so Affum am telling you it’s a scam

Listen, Loom is a Ponzi scheme
If you try and you are not lucky, your money will be wasted and you will actually scream
If you think am lying just ask Hakeem
He thought he could make money out of his loom team but now see him.
Just remember Menzgold and advice yourself

But Affum said ooh Yeah whatever, I will still give loom a try
when I invest my money will multiply
So he left my place and I gave him goodbye
He came to me later with a cry
Man-Khay, you told me but I didn’t take your advice
I don’t even hear from them, my loom group is now dry
He told me all these while he cries

So my dear friends don’t fall a victim,
Initially, you will be like “loom is sweet”, “loom bi 3d3″ na Nia wo b3ti aa ne S3 boom
Don’t even try to give it a try else you will cry like Him this is the humble advice from Berima Man-Khay, the man whose God makes things okay.


Justice Kojo Mankata is a guitarist, motivational and inspirational writer/speaker. Primarily known as a spoken word artiste with the name Berima Man-Khay, the man whose God makes things okay in the spoken word fraternity.



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