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Eminent Blog is an independent publication site that feeds its readers with latest and trending news that revolve around the globe. Eminent Blog officially launched on Thursday, 20th June 2019.

Eminent Blog is one of the most popular relevant blog that features diverse categories of contents. We are an innovative, digitally oriented blog with sui generis aim and vision to expound relevant news to the public.

In this world where facts and figures of an information are of much importance to the public, we only release and document proven facts and stories to the general public. Thus we deem ourselves as trustworthy with regards to information posted on this site.

The road to knowledge and success is through reading, thus you can count on us to provide you with worthy contents. Our blog post are proven to be informative and educative to the general public.

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Explore through Blog” being our tagline or slogan, we can confidently say that, feel free to explore the world through our blogs. Surf all you want, and read all you can.


Eminent Kofi Marfo

Eminent Kofi Marfo is a sensational blogger who has written here and there, on this and on that, strangely I broke out of my comfort zone of writing for popular sites in order to provide worthy contents on my blog site. I am confidently a writer by day and a reader by night. I developed a great passion of blogging just after Junior High School. Expect nothing but the best of blog post. My favorite quote is, “The perception of reality is more real than reality itself.” That’s another day story. Why I Started Blogging? : I started blogging in order for me to learn more about a subject catergory that i find interesting and intriguing. I believe the best way to learn is to explain to others. So I have made a commitment to explain complex and technical concepts and make them accessible to both technical and non-technical audience. E-mail: eminent@eminentblog.com

Ernest Asamoah has been one of the lead news bloggers of Eminent Blog. His passion for reading and trying out new things has been one of the reasons why he loves to blog in order to educate others. His goal is to inform, inspire and impact by feeding you with the best of trending news in all categories.

E-mail: ernestasamoah@eminentblog.com

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