Things All Developers Should Learn In College

Forget About "Lines of Code" As a developer, you'll hear a lot of crazy, unbelievable theories about what "lines of code" signify....

How to Discover Your Unknown Knowns

There are things we know that we know. There are known unknowns. That is to say there are things that we now know we don't know. But there are also unknown unknowns. There are things we do not know we don't know. "

7 Reasons Never To Use Plastic With Food Again

It seems like one way or another, our food is always touching plastic. From the bag or package it comes in to storing leftovers in plastic containers, we use...

WhatsApp Beta Introduces Fingerprint Lock Feature

WhatsApp has finally made available to fingerprint lock feature for Android beta users, after making it available to iOS users for a while now. It comes with the latest...

GB WhatsApp has been Shut Down.

The popular Third-Party WhatsApp application called GB WhatsApp has officially made announcement with regards to the abrupt shutdown of their service.

The hopeless and homeless Plastic Wastes.

A concerned citizen who happens to be a motivational speaker thought it wise to come up with this write-up which aims at changing the ideology of humans with regards to sanitation.
Feature Image of Monect Application

Control your PC/ Laptop with your phone.

Monect PC Remote is an Android application that allows you to execute different actions on your PC. The program provides several modes made for your convenience.
An image of a phone playing a song.

5 Best Apps for Identifying a Song.

Most often than not, we all find ourselves in the situation where we come across a soothing song being played, these are the top 5 music recognition applications.
Sreenshot of a FaceApp edit

FaceApp gets federal attention due to raised alarm on illegal data use.

FaceApp, which was launched by Russian publisher Wireless Lab in 2017 and uses artificial intelligence to modify users' photos is alleged to contain security breach.

NSMQ Winners from 1994 to Date

NSMQ according to the official website, is the longest-running independent production on television in Ghana. The programme is very popular with not only its main target group – Senior...


How to Download YouTube Video without an App.

Most often than not, when you attempt downloading videos from YouTube, you either have to use a third party software or...

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