An image of a phone playing a song.

5 Best Apps for Identifying a Song.

Most often than not, we all find ourselves in the situation where we come across a soothing song being played, these are the top 5 music recognition applications.

Make your Computer Welcome you on start up.

You might have probably been trilled by how computers welcome its user with a customized message just as it happens in movies. Well worry not, that customization is not...

How to Download YouTube Video without an App.

Most often than not, when you attempt downloading videos from YouTube, you either have to use a third party software or you have to post the link to...

WhatsApp Font Tricks/Tweaks.

In this article, we going to list down a bunch of WhatsApp font tricks to add more emphasis to your chat and also used to help you boost...

View WhatsApp Status Without Leaving Trace.

When you view status updates from your contacts on WhatsApp, usually they get an indication that you have seen it. But sometimes, you might secretly want to check out...

How to Send Images and Videos on Whatsapp without loosing quality.

You might have noticed a change in quality if you have ever sent or received a video or image through WhatsApp. This post guides you to send media without loosing its quality.

How to save Whatsapp status without an app.

Most often than not, we come across Whatsapp statuses that belongs to categories such as motivation or entertainment and without doubt, you wish you had a copy of that...

How to lock your folder using notepad.

Welcome to yet another post, in our quest to feed you with computer tricks, we happen to come by a short code that allows you to keep a folder...


Forbes 100 – 2018. The Definitive Ranking Of The Wealthiest Americans

Buoyed in part by a strong stock market, the 400 wealthiest Americans delivered yet another record-breaking year. The minimum net worth needed...

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