Feature Image of Monect Application

Control your PC/ Laptop with your phone.

Monect PC Remote is an Android application that allows you to execute different actions on your PC. The program provides several modes made for your convenience.
An image of a phone playing a song.

5 Best Apps for Identifying a Song.

Most often than not, we all find ourselves in the situation where we come across a soothing song being played, these are the top 5 music recognition applications.
Sreenshot of a FaceApp edit

FaceApp gets federal attention due to raised alarm on illegal data use.

FaceApp, which was launched by Russian publisher Wireless Lab in 2017 and uses artificial intelligence to modify users' photos is alleged to contain security breach.

WhatsApp Ban – Why and How to Avoid It.

Quite surprisingly, I also had a fair share of the WhatsApp temporal ban today being 1/07/2019. Before then, I was quite confident that I had gone completely incognito or...

How to Download YouTube Video without an App.

Most often than not, when you attempt downloading videos from YouTube, you either have to use a third party software or you have to post the link to...

Free Browsing Using Psiphon – Vodafone.

INTRODUCTION. Just as football makes everyone excited especially with regards to FIFA, Vodafone Ghana also planned of making it more exciting for its users with an...


View WhatsApp Status Without Leaving Trace.

When you view status updates from your contacts on WhatsApp, usually they get an indication that you have seen it. But sometimes,...

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