The Economic Freedom fighters of Ghana (EFFGH) with regards to the statement issued by the CID boss madam Tiwaa Addo Dankwa about the kidnapped Tarkoradi girls who got missing for about a year and two now,we are with this statement with response to the release by the police in the sane missing girls confirming their death by the DNA test conducted, that We are  astonished and absolutely disappointed and can’t understand the difference between “the girls are alive and the girls  are dead” in this case where one of the girls was adopted and had the DNA matched with the test conducted,is obvious that the  test is scientifically false and has not proven right especially with this very case.

The EFFGH is demanding the true statement, report and the true  DNA test of this matter. We believe the report is false so the CID boss must be  sacked.

The whole criminal investigative department(CID ), A leader of a whole investigative body can make such an incompetent and immature statement to mislead and render hopeless to the entire country  “that the girls are alive, their OK and are safe and that the police are preparing to reunite them to their families”. This statement by the CID boss is needless and a gross act of incompetence, it has invoked tempers and panic.

The plunders are too many for us to see her retained in office because we are not safe under her watch as the CID boss. This is the case people are  attacked and criminals infiltrating the system and rendering criminal activities and we don’t hear or see any arrest. Anything can happen in her watch.

A  CID boss working and involving in a cover-up of a political and partisan mess in the alleged scandal in an  audio involving  Madam Tiwaa and A-plus was unhealthy and partisan oriented. we are sorry this woman can’t help this country.

We are calling on the president to immediately remove her from office and replace her with a more competent and impartial independent CID boss to take over.we are also looking forward to a more prudent investigation into this matter.

Issued by the economic freedom fighters of Ghana

Solomon Donyinah (CIC) – 0241278636
Anthony Akudago (deputy CIC) – 0244940504
Agyemang Benedicta  (women  commissar)
Asam Thomas (Financial secretary)
Umar Alhassan (student commissar)
Fb:economic freedom fighters of Ghana

Twitter:  economic freedom fighters of Ghana.

Email: effghana@gmail.com


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