Buoyed in part by a strong stock market, the 400 wealthiest Americans delivered yet another record-breaking year. The minimum net worth needed to join this elite club climbed to $2.1 billion, $100 million more than last year and the highest to date. The group’s total net worth rose to $2.9 trillion, a record high and 7% more than in 2017. The average net worth of a list member: $7.2 billion, up from $6.7 billion last year. That average is boosted by those at the very top of the list: half of the total wealth is held by the 45 richest people in the country.

For the first time since 1994, there is a new No. 1: Amazon.com founder and CEO Jeff Bezos, who broke Bill Gates’ 24 year run at the top. Bezos is also the first person to appear in the ranks with a fortune of more than $100 billion –he clocked in at $160 billion. Bezos was also the biggest gainer on this year’s list: his fortune rose $78.5 billion since last year, thanks to the more than 100% runup in the price of Amazon stock, the biggest one year gain since we’ve been tracking fortunes. Gates, now ranked No. 2, trails Bezos by a notable $63 billion. The top 10 richest on the list are together worth nearly $730 billion, up from $610 billion in 2017. At these lofty heights, more than a third of the nation’s billionaires, a record 204, weren’t wealthy enough to crack the club.

Instead of providing the list of Forbes 400, this is the list of the first 100 wealthiest peo

RankNameNet WorthAgeStateSourcePhilanthropy Score
1Jeff Bezos & family$160 B54WashingtonAmazon2
2Bill Gates$97 B63WashingtonMicrosoft5
3Warren Buffett$88.3 B88NebraskaBerkshire Hathaway5
4Mark Zuckerberg$61 B34CaliforniaFacebook5
5Larry Ellison$58.4 B74Californiasoftware4
6Larry Page$53.8 B45CaliforniaGoogle4
7Charles Koch$53.5 B82KansasKoch Industries4
7David Koch$53.5 B78New YorkKoch Industries4
9Sergey Brin$52.4 B45CaliforniaGoogle4
10Michael Bloomberg$51.8 B76New YorkBloomberg LP5
11Jim Walton$45.2 B70ArkansasWalmart2
12Alice Walton$44.9 B69TexasWalmart3
12Rob Walton$44.9 B74ArkansasWalmartN/A
14Steve Ballmer$42.3 B62WashingtonMicrosoft4
15Sheldon Adelson$35.5 B85Nevadacasinos4
16Phil Knight & family$33.8 B80OregonNike4
17Michael Dell$27.6 B53TexasDell computers5
18Jacqueline Mars$24 B79Virginiacandy, pet food2
18John Mars$24 B83Wyomingcandy, pet food2
20Laurene Powell Jobs & family$20.5 B54CaliforniaApple, Disney5
21Paul Allen$20.3 B65Microsoft, investments5
22Thomas Peterffy$20.2 B74Floridadiscount brokerageN/A
23Jim Simons$20 B80New Yorkhedge funds5
24Elon Musk$19.6 B47CaliforniaTesla Motors3
25Ray Dalio$18.1 B69Connecticuthedge funds4
26Rupert Murdoch & family$18 B87New Yorknewspapers, TV network1
27Len Blavatnik$17.9 B61New Yorkdiversified3
28Abigail Johnson$17.3 B56Massachusettsmoney management3
29Harold Hamm & family$17.2 B72Oklahomaoil & gas2
30Donald Bren$16.4 B86Californiareal estate4
31Carl Icahn$16.3 B82New Yorkinvestments4
32Lukas Walton$15.3 B32WyomingWalmart1
33Eric Schmidt$14.4 B63CaliforniaGoogle3
34Stephen Schwarzman$13.8 B71New Yorkinvestments3
35Leonard Lauder$13.4 B81New YorkEstee Lauder4
36Steve Cohen$13 B62Connecticuthedge funds3
37Thomas Frist, Jr. & family$11.9 B80Tennesseehospitals2
38Pierre Omidyar$11.6 B51HawaiieBay5
38David Tepper$11.6 B61Floridahedge funds3
40Philip Anschutz$11.3 B78Coloradoinvestments5
41John Menard, Jr.$11 B78Wisconsinhome improvement stores1
41Donald Newhouse$11 B89New Yorkmedia2
43Dustin Moskovitz$10.9 B34CaliforniaFacebook5
44Charles Ergen$10.8 B65Coloradosatellite TV3
45Ken Griffin$10 B50Illinoishedge funds4
46Andrew Beal$9.9 B65Texasbanks, real estate1
47David Duffield$9.6 B78Nevadabusiness software4
47Jan Koum$9.6 B42CaliforniaWhatsApp5
49Micky Arison$9.4 B69FloridaCarnival Cruises3
49Gordon Moore$9.4 B89CaliforniaIntel5
49Ronald Perelman$9.4 B75New Yorkleveraged buyouts3
52Jim Kennedy$9.3 B70Georgiamedia, automotive2
52Blair Parry-Okeden$9.3 B68media, automotive2
52Charles Schwab$9.3 B81Californiadiscount brokerage3
55James Goodnight$8.9 B75North Carolinasoftware3
56David Geffen$8.7 B75Californiamovies, record labels4
57Edward Johnson, III.$8.6 B88Massachusettsmoney management3
58Stanley Kroenke$8.5 B71Missourisports, real estate1
59Carl Cook$8.4 B56Indianamedical devicesN/A
60Herbert Kohler, Jr. & family$8.3 B79Wisconsinplumbing fixtures1
60George Soros$8.3 B88New Yorkhedge funds5
62George Kaiser$8.2 B76Oklahomaoil & gas, banking5
63John Doerr$7.9 B67Californiaventure capital2
64Pauline MacMillan Keinath$7.8 B84MissouriCargillN/A
65Shahid Khan$7.6 B68Floridaauto parts2
65Stephen Ross$7.6 B78New Yorkreal estate4
67John Malone$7.5 B77Coloradocable television3
68Hank & Doug Meijer$7.3 BMichigansupermarkets3
68Patrick Soon-Shiong$7.3 B66Californiapharmaceuticals2
70Christy Walton$7.2 B69WyomingWalmart1
71Daniel Gilbert$7.1 B56MichiganQuicken Loans4
71Ralph Lauren$7.1 B79New YorkRalph Lauren3
73David Green & family$7 B76Oklahomaretail4
73Tom & Judy Love$7 B81Oklahomaretail & gas stations1
75Jerry Jones$6.9 B76TexasDallas Cowboys2
76Leon Black$6.8 B67New Yorkprivate equity3
76Diane Hendricks$6.8 B71Wisconsinroofing2
78Eli Broad$6.7 B85Californiainvestments5
79Jensen Huang$6.6 B55Californiasemiconductors3
79Richard Kinder$6.6 B74Texaspipelines3
79Robert Kraft$6.6 B77MassachusettsNew England Patriots4
79John A. Sobrato & family$6.6 B79Californiareal estate4
83Ann Walton Kroenke$6.5 B69MissouriWalmart1
84Marc Benioff$6.4 B54Californiabusiness software4
85Jack Dorsey$6.3 B41CaliforniaTwitter, Square3
85Whitney MacMillan$6.3 B89FloridaCargill3
85David Shaw$6.3 B67New Yorkhedge funds2
88Dannine Avara$6.2 B54Texaspipelines2
88James Chambers$6.2 B61New Yorkmedia, automotiveN/A
88Scott Duncan$6.2 B35Texaspipelines2
88Milane Frantz$6.2 B49Texaspipelines2
88John Paulson$6.2 B62New Yorkhedge funds4
88Steven Rales$6.2 B67Californiamanufacturing3
88Katharine Rayner$6.2 B73New Yorkmedia, automotiveN/A
88Margaretta Taylor$6.2 B76New Yorkmedia, automotiveN/A
88Dennis Washington$6.2 B84Montanaconstruction, mining4
88Randa Williams$6.2 B57Texaspipelines2
98Israel Englander$6 B70New Yorkhedge funds3
98Richard LeFrak & family$6 B73New Yorkreal estate2
98Marijke Mars$6 B54candy, pet foodN/A


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