Just as football makes everyone excited especially with regards to FIFA, Vodafone Ghana also planned of making it more exciting for its users with an interesting offer which is the Vodafone World Cup Bundle that lets you stream the 2018 Fifa world cup matches on your PC and mobile devices. Although for you to stream the matches you will need to download the DStv app or kweseiflix app. Well without letting you loose interest by the mention of those apps, lets ride on to the purpose of this post. There seems to be a browsing cheat that has been in existence for a while and till date its still in existence, this cheat requires the use of a VPN application.

This cheat can be configured on both a mobile device or any PC. First of all you need to have a Vodafone Sim and your device without doubt. Just so you know, this cheat is not absolutely free but what you pay is worth it.

Steps In Subscribing to the Bundle.

  • Dial *900# on your mobile device that has the Vodafone sim inserted in it.
  • From the next menu, Select Option 5 (Showtime Bundle)
  • Select Option 2 (Mobile)
  • From the next menu you will be given 3 options from which you will choose the one which best suits you. ( Be it Daily, Weekly or Monthly)

What next after Subscribing?

At this point we move on to the part which requires the use of Psiphon VPN. If you don’t have Psiphon 3 pre-installed on your mobile phone or PC, you can follow any of the links below to download then you continue with the rest of the procedures.

How to connect on Android Phones and IOS

  • At this point, we presume the bundle subscription has already been done.
  • Open the Psiphon application on your mobile phone.
  • At the left down corner, tap on the Start button and wait for a while to gain a connection.
  • From the Options tab, you can choose to browse freely on your whole device or Using a specific Pshiphon in built browser to surf for free. (This can be done by either ticking or unticking “Tunnel Whole Device “option.)

How to Connect on a PC.

With the PC, you can choose to connect using a modem, a MiFi or a hotspot from your mobile phone that is using Vodafone.

  • Connect to the network with any of the above options.
  • Having the Pshiphon app installed on the PC, launch the application.
  • Tap on “Connect.”
  • Wait for a connection to be established.
  • And then voila, you are good to go.
The left side is how the Pshiphon looks on a PC and the right is on a mobile device.

Note: Mostly on the first try, the connection might delay, but on subsequent connections it will be much faster. Most people use the default connection option (Connect to Fastest Country) thus there might be a lot of traffic on the fastest country so i will advice that you choose one country for better surfing experience. I personally use Netherlands for my connections.

If you found this article helpful, why don’t you share it with a friend or family. Thank you. Let us know in the comments session below if it worked for you or not.


  1. I’ve read other blog on how to do this setup but none of them really explained it this way. Thank you. Will try this as let you know if it worked.


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