How to create a personal diary using Notepad.


Welcome our reader, this is another days story and in today’s post, we going to guide you into creating a diary using Notepad. Yeah you read that right using Notepad to create a diary. The main feature of this diary is that it keeps log of the exact date and time that you wrote that information. Without wasting much time, lets begin with the steps.

  • STEP1: Open notepad on your machine. You can either launch it from the start menu by searching for the keyword “Notepad”. Or by pressing Windows Key+R and then you type notepad and press enter.
  • STEP2: After launching Notepad, type this in the empty space. “.LOG” , without the quote signs.
Open and type the above words in notepad.
  • STEP3: Save the document as a text file. Example “eminent.txt
  • STEP4: Close and open the saved file and you will realize date and time of opening the file has already been logged. You can then go ahead and write your information and then save it.
  • NB: Anytime you open the file, it will automatically log in the date and time.

Why is it important?

  • This easy to do diary can help you to keep track of information easily.
  • Because of the time and date feature it will be easy for you to refer to incidence.
  • Its stress free since you don’t need to log in time and date yourself.

This is an example of a logged diary.

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