Most often than not, when you attempt downloading videos from YouTube, you either have to use a third party software or you have to post the link to auto-download site which will download and convert it for you. The problem with these kind of software or third party sites are that they don’t always work if a video is flagged by google for adult content or for whatever reason.

Well in today’s post, we going to teach you how to download a YouTube video offline on your mobile device or a PC without any hustle. The procedure remains completely the same.

Note that this trick or tutorial does not apply to the YouTube mobile app, thus you would have to use any local browser on your mobile device. Google Chrome is much recommended but you can choose to use any other browser of your choice.


  • Now in the address bar where the video URL is shown,
  • Add ‘ss’ just between the ‘www.’ and the ..’youtube..’
  • So that it looks like, ‘www.ssyoutube…..’ where the dots after the youtube represents the rest of the video URL.
  • Press enter to load the new URL.
  • You can look at the image below to understand this step.
  • This will redirect you to a new window with a download button. Tap on that download button to successfully download your Video. This is shown in the image below.
Click on the download button to download your video.
This is the mobile procedure simplified in one image

Let us know in the comment session below if it worked for you. You can also suggest any other procedure for us.

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