Most often than not, we come across Whatsapp statuses that belongs to categories such as motivation or entertainment and without doubt, you wish you had a copy of that status saved on your phone for personal view. But here lies the case, you ask the up-loader to send you a copy and he or she may deny you that favor due to data management or for the mere sake of greediness.

Worry not, this post will guide you on how to save a status without using any third party application that may require the use of data. Thus you don’t need to ask anyone to send you a video or picture you watched. Lets begin with the steps.

STEP1: Open your file manager application on your phone. For phones without a pre-installed File Manager, you would have to head to Playstore and download one.

STEP2: In the File Manager App, Tap on “Option” key then to 》Settings 》then you check or tick the “view hidden files.” Other phones may have that option positioned somewhere else so you would have to look for the “View hidden Files” option and tick it.

STEP3: Navigate or browse to “Whatsapp” Folder, then you navigate to “Media” and finally you open the “.Statuses“. That folder icon may look fade because that folder is hidden.

This folder contains all the viewed statuses over a 24hour period. Take note that they all delete automatically after 24hours.

To save the viewed file for future, move or copy it/them to another folder of your choice. Go back to your gallery and “voila” you will see the saved status there.



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