WhatsApp is undoubtedly a great social media platform for communication, but it’s certainly not an ideal platform for sharing photos and videos. You might have noticed a change in quality if you have ever sent or received a video or image through WhatsApp. The media resolution tends to be small and the image becomes a little blurry and pixelated. There are several reasons why this happens to be so. The platform reduces the quality of the media due to a few of the reasons listed below.

  • To lower the load flow on their servers.
  • To reduce the time or duration for the media to be sent or received in terms of its upload and download.
  • To make the bandwith usage much economical.

Due to this most geeks tend to share such media through other social media platforms but worry not, you can still share the same media files without using quality after reading this blog post.

How the trick works is simple, WhatsApp uses different compression algortihms to compress different these media files. But it does not apply any compression while sharing documents. If we can somehow share photos, videos or music using the Document Sharing option, it will be uploaded to WhatsApp servers without any compression, and receivers will be able to download them in their original quality.

So in today’s post we going to teach you step by step on how to send without loosing its quality.

Did I mention earlier that IOS users or in simple terms, IPhone users have less worry when it comes to this issue, yes they do. Well that puts them on another higher spot. “That was meant to be funny, you probably didn’t laugh because I’m not a comedian.” Alright enough of the intro, let’s get to the steps, I know some dude somewhere wants to send his fine images to that lady. Hehehe!

METHOD 1: Renaming the media and sending it.

  • First open your file manager application on your phone.
  • Locate the image or video you want to send.
  • Rename to the video/image by only changing the file extension to “.doc” or “.pdf“. (File extensions is the last letters that comes after the “.” that follows your file name). The extension makes it easy to distinguish which kind of file it is.

For example if the file name was “myvideo.mp4” or “myimage.jpeg” you just have to rename it into a format like this “myvideo.doc” or “myimage.pdf

  • After renaming the media, you can select it and send from there to a Whatsapp user or you can alternatively open WhatsApp.
  • Tap on the attachment icon, (Attachment icon is the icon that allows you to send different media files)
  • Select Document.
  • Surf through your phone contents and select the file you are sending.
  • Tap on Send to successfully send the file to the receiver.

NB: Theres on thing more to do, you have to inform the user that its a video or an image file then you ask him to change the file extension back to “.jpeg , .jpg , .png” for images and “.mp4 , .mkv” for video files. To avoid the stress of educating the person on how to change the file name back, simply do the person a favor by sending this post link to the person to read it.

To change the received file back to the image or video, Go to your File Manager > Whatspp > Media > Whatsapp Documents > And you change the file name to any of the extentions above.

METHOD 2: Zip the File and Send

The above WhatsApp trick works effectively if you want to share handful of images. But it might be irksome to do the same task over & over again. So, another smart method to share images without losing any quality is by zipping it!

You can use your File Manager or any third-party zipper tool to compress entire image folder. Once you’ve created the ZIP file, share it with recipient & ask them to extract it at their end.

No image size will be reduced & you can have the picture of the original resolution!

This is quite a complex method for beginners to understand.

Congratulations, you have been able to share that quality video or picture of yours to someone without loosing its quality. Why not share this post to your friends and family without loosing its quality as well.


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