Accra, Sept 6, GNA — The Convention People’s Party (CPP) has paid its respect to the late former President of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe, describing him as a revolutionary icon and a foremost fighter for national liberation.

In a press statement issued and signed by Mr Kofi Henaku Akuffo, Chairman, International Relations and Diplomacy Committee of the Party and copied the Ghana News Agency, the CPP said the late Mugabe was an indomitable freedom fighter, who led his people to resist the whites’ supremacy and brought independence to the then Rhodesia.

It said Mugabe indicated his credentials as a Pan Africanist by first coming to work as a teacher in the new independent Ghana and associated with the CPP and the Africa Affairs Bureau of the Ghana Government.

The late Mugabe translated independence to ensure social and economic justice for his people through land reforms, the statement said.

He embarked on a land reform, which led to the imposition of economic sanctions, a political and diplomatic blockade.

The statement noted that despite all this the late President did not relent on his efforts towards ensuring that other countries were liberated.

“Despite all this Comrade Mugabe a consistent revolutionary and Pan Africanist helped in the fight and defeat of apartheid in South Africa, fought for African causes, elevated access to education and health to the highest levels in Zimbabwe.

“Comrade Mugabe was a consistent revolutionary, a Pan Africanist par excellence and amongst the giants and icons of the national liberation movements.

“He lived, worked and died for his people and for freedom for the oppressed in the world,” the statement noted.


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