To a large extent, challenges with regards to sanitation has been one of the major problem being faced by most African countries with Ghana being inclusive. All these arise as a matter of the inability to create proper disposal points for solid waste, lack of enforcement of sanitation laws, population growth, rural-urban migration, poor sanitation infrastructure, among others.

A concerned Ghanaian who happens to be a writer and a motivational speaker believes the problem emanates from the mindset of humans and thus seeks to tackle it from that point. This concerned citizen thought it wise to come up with this write-up which aims at changing the ideology of humans with regards to sanitation.

Below is the master piece of Mhan-Kay titled;


I am the voice of the one crying on the street
Because I think Ghanaians are just allowing me to deplete
I repeat, Ghanaians you are just allowing me to deplete
Meanwhile I can give birth although I do not produce gamete
But this could happen when I’m well kept and recycled that is the secret.

Sometimes Ghanaians make me feel jealous wen I Imagine how profitable my fellows have been in other countries.
I am very useful when recycled but I have fallen in the hands of Ghanaians and being treated as though I am useless.
You see how hopeful I am wen I am recycled but I have fallen in the hands of Ghanaians and being treated as though am hopeless
I am supposed to be disposed in my self contained apartment and well covered but Ghanaians turn to throw me on the streets as though I am homeless
Making their communities and streets comfortless, healthless and valueless
But always remember cleanliness is next to Godliness.

You might be wandering who could talk as such? Cast your mind back and try to catch
I am the rubbish you left on the floor
Thinking no body was watching but I saw
And it was really an eyesore.

So I beseech you therefore Ghanaians if there is nothing you can do to help me just dispose me in my self contained apartment, I mean the Dustbin and I would be taken good care of.


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Justice Mankata


Justice Kojo Mankata is a guitarist, motivational and inspirational writer/speaker. Primarily known as a spoken word artiste with the name Berima Man-Khay, the man whose God makes things okay in the spoken word fraternity.

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